A 16-week Economics course for private schools, home schools, and cooperatives

"Economics may very well be the most practical, relevant and life changing course your high school student will ever take!"

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Entrepreneurship, Markets, and Morality

  • Day 2

    Understanding Profits and Losses

    Profit, Loss, and Helping Others
    • VIDEO

    Learn Liberty - The Price System

    Prophets and Profit by Marvin Olasky


    • VIDEO

    Is Making Money Good or Bad?

  • Day 3

    Differentiating Self-Interest from Greed

    Mandeville, Rand, and False Moral Pretenses

    • VIDEO

    IFWE - Is Capitalism Based on Greed

    • VIDEO

    (Optional) Atlas Shrugged and the Economics of Exchange

  • Day 4

    Fitting the Human Condition

    Capitalism, Socialism and the Human Heart

    • VIDEO

    Milton Friedman on Donahue

  • Day 5

    Encouraging Enterprise

    Gift-Givers and Kitty Litter

    • VIDEO

    Action Institute - ES: Gift Givers, Talents and Entrepreneurs

  • Critical Thinking Assignment

    Check Your Premises - Ayn Rand Through a Biblical Lens