Parent Testimonials

  • Super!  Wish I had all this for our eldest child!
    M.F.W.  beta test parent
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are blessed by your efforts every day.
    M.F.W.  beta test parent
  • We think John Stossel is the perfect spice for this "economic meal."
    M.F.W.  beta test parent
  • I like this program--the plans are good and understandable.  The DVDs and books (and pamphlets) seem to teach what's important and work well together.  Although at first look it seemed overwhelming, I think this is a better program then trying to find one or two textbooks.  The questions are working out well too. 
    Ellen C.
  • Sarah is really enjoying this economics program.  Learning a lot!!
    Rebekah L.
  • This has been eye opening and very informative.  We are telling everyone!
    M.F.W.  beta test parent
  • The Stossel segments are so thought provoking.  He is enjoying another medium.  I like to be a part.  He talks about Econ all the time now.
    Rhonda S.
  • Economics in a Box is a FANTASTIC program... my son insisted that Economics was nothing but boring, but midway through this course, he admitted (quite reluctantly) that he really enjoyed the subject!  As a parent, I was most pleased with the conservative approach, backed up with solid facts and statistics.  I also noticed that my son became much more interested in current local and national events, and as he listens to the news, he is able to use a much more discerning ear, and able to recognize how Economics ties into so many other human behaviors.  Although this was quite a rigorous course, the concepts were not too difficult (as they were presented in several different ways).  Not only did my son enjoy the course and learn valuable lessons, as a parent, I did too!  We would DEFINITELY recommend this program, especially for the family who is looking for something more than the "boring basics"! 
    Angela M.
  • I would have never thought that a student could actually enjoy studying economics until Jonathan studied Economics in a Box.  He thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially with the variety of materials available.  It’s easy to get bogged down if you’re stuck in a textbook, but with the different articles, videos, pamphlets, and books used in this course the student’s interest level is maintained throughout.  Economics in a Box has definitely helped shape Jonathan’s thinking about our future as a nation.  I know that he, as a student, would highly recommend it and that to me, as a parent, speaks volumes.  I’m looking forward to my other children having this same opportunity.
    Sandy C.
  • Economics in a Box opened the eyes of my 17 and 15 year old teens to the necessity of a free market economy.  As Christians, it inspired us to realize that even one person can make a difference.  The curriculum is clear, thorough, and easy for parents and students to use.  My students never tired of discussing the selected articles.  It works well in a group setting, and can also be studied independently.  I highly recommend Economics in a Box!
    Kris Z.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Economics in a Box curriculum this year!  I am a homeschooling mom of young children seeking to educate myself, and this curriculum fit the bill perfectly.  I came away with the foundation I need to understand our current economic situation and intelligently educate my children.  Since I completed this course, I confidently participate in conversations about economics which was something  I  previously avoided.  This program is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
    Melissa C. (Mom who took the course even though she didn’t have any kids in it)
  • The curriculum was well organized and not only did my son learn basic economic principles, but I myself learned more practical economic principles that will assist me in running my business and also make better informed decisions concerning public policy.  I would recommend the course for anyone who really wants to “understand” economics, make better personal, business or public economic decisions. If more people took this one course, their personal economic situation and our nation’s economic condition could only benefit.  
    Jon E.

Student Testimonials

  • I think that this economics course has been absolutely amazing-incredible even.  I see the world in such a new light.  My thinking is so much better now.  I can understand better why it is bad for the government to intrude upon the common people so much better, and that is helpful, because I can now start to engage in conversation with people when they start talking about the United States' politicians. 
    Jay W. Richards was the most hilarious cynical, godly writer I've read yet, the conservatives in Indivisible were very insightful, John Stossel was funny and excellently to the point, Common Sense Economics exposed expansive government for what it is, Penny Candy was informative, and the booklets were very eye-opening.  Very enlightening.  Great course.
  • I really enjoyed Economics in a Box. This course didn’t just give me a peek at economics; it opened up a whole new world to me. . . the resources in this course, specifically The Call of the Entrepreneur and Money, Greed, and God, showed me that we are “co-creators” with God and that creating wealth in the office of an entrepreneur not only helps you help people, but also has a ripple effect on the entire economy.  Christians are called to glorify God, and exercising our dominion over the earth by using our minds and other resources God has given us to create wealth and enhance our lives definitely fits the bill.Sarah G.  Age 16
  • Economics in a Box has given me the “why” behind what I believe.  In pursuing Law as a degree, I will be able to use the things I have learned in Economics in a Box to begin the change in the American governmental system that’s needed for a freer and better society.
    Jonathan C.   Age 17
  • I expected economics to be mostly about math and graphs. Throughout the semester, however, the class studied various books and materials that not only clearly explained the basics of economic theory, but also managed to make it fun. Now, I feel well prepared for college economics courses. I would recommend this class to any high school student. . . .
    Josiah B.   Age 17
  • Before EBOX I was completely ignorant and indifferent toward economics.  Little did I know EBOX would not be "just another credit I needed to graduate."  Since completing the course, I have not only become aware of the nessesary building blocks for a healthy society, but of the importance of character.  I gathered a treasury of truth from the assigned readings. . . .
    Alicia Z.   Age 17
  • It’s a good thing economics is a required high school credit. I often thought that economics seemed very boring. I was wrong.  After the first week of class, I was blown away and saw that I was really going to enjoy it. Even though it was the first week, I had already learned some very basic economic principles that were basically just common sense. . . .I loved the way this course was put together, the questions were ordered so that all of the principles and key elements of economics were not missed.
    Matthew D.   Age 17
  • After looking back over this semester, I think that this was definitely one of my favorite classes and one of the most enjoyable subjects I have ever done. Each day I learned something new as I read through the various articles and books.  This course has given me a huge amount of knowledge that I can use in the future.
    Josiah R.   Age 15
  • I am really enjoying this study.  I am learning a lot.  It is so interesting that I have to share it with my family!
    Sarah L.
  • Excellent!  Very enlightening.  My view of our nation and politics is sharpening due to knowing economics.
    M.F.W.  beta test student
  • Good material.  It really all is good.  The most confusing thing about economics to me is why it is so confusing---if that makes sense.  In other words, economics seems to make sense, but is not understood or not implemented well by some world governments, including our own.
    Rhonda S.
  • I have really enjoyed economics, actually!  I am not a big politics person, I hate it actually, but I don't mind economics!  The books and videos you have chosen are interesting and simple to understand.  I get what I'm learning and greatly enjoying it.
    Olivia C.


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