A 16-week Economics course for private schools, home schools, and cooperatives

"Economics may very well be the most practical, relevant and life changing course your high school student will ever take!"

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Students will come to understand inflation, competitive markets, capital investment, transactions costs, cronyism, stimulus packages, bailouts, regulations, free trade, and whether they help or harm the economy. They will see how property rights, the rule of law, free association and free exchange best promote human flourishing; but, most importantly, students will see that it is biblical truth that explains why they are best for human flourishing.

Guided by the basic principles of economics, Oikonomia helps students discover how “incentives” and “opportunity costs” influence our choices and help us make sound decisions, how governments influence prosperity and why some nations flourish while others remain in poverty. It teaches how to appreciate the invisible hand of market prices, how the laws of supply and demand work and the importance of sound institutions and policies.


While a proper understanding of economics should not be under-estimated, we also believe that the best economics in the world will fail to make a difference if it is not accompanied by men and women of character. Our world is in desperate need of young statesman of character who not only understand economics, but also articulate and live these truths in a way that promotes flourishing in all the spheres of life over which God has granted us stewardship—whether that be in the home, as a CEO, CFO, Account Executive, secretary, receptionist, or even the of President of the United States of America!