Economics may be the most exciting and relevant course your high school student ever takes!


Welcome to the world of economics! Despite what you may have heard, economics isn’t focused on graphs and numbers. Economics is about human beings in the marketplace, and its most valuable insights don’t require graphs, charts, or mathematical formulas. The importance of property rights, the rule of law, and limited government, the rights of free association and free exchange—the importance, in other words, of human liberty—flow from economic principles that can be easily learned and appreciated. Read more  »


What homeschool parents are saying about our ECONOMICS IN A BOX curriculum:


" son ...positively loved learning about economics through the wide range of resources... the audio-visuals helped him apply economics to everyday... surpassed my expectations..."

" ...The videos are incredibly well done, while the written material is both clear and challenging - appealing to a broad spectrum of learning types... "

" ...This program is exactly what I was looking for!"


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